Amity Lodge No. 323 F.&A.M.

Amity Lodges Around The World
Amity Lodge A.F.&A.M. - Danvers, Massachusetts USA
Freundschaft - Prague, Czechoslovakia
Freundschaft und Bestandigkeit - Basel, Switzerland
L'Amitie - Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland
L'Amitie Normandi - Rouen, France
LA Clemente Ameniti - Gonaives, Haiti
Tempel der Freundschaft - Bingen-am-Rhein, Germany
Vedad (Amitie) - Stamboul, Turkey
Zum Tempel der Freimdschaft - Heiligenstadt, Germany

Amity Lodge No. 5, F&A.M. - Zanesville, Ohio USA
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Amity Lodge No. 76, A.F.&A.M. - Richmond, Virginia USA
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Amity Lodge No. 101, A.F.&A.M. - Chartres Towers, Queensland Australia
Amity Lodge No. 103, F&A.M. - Jersey City, New Jersey USA
Amity Lodge No. 106, F&A.M. - Shaghai, China (Under Grand Lodge of
Amity Lodge No. 137, F.A.&A.M. - Poole, Dorset England
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Amity Lodge No. 171, F.A.&A.M. - Londong, England
Amity Lodge No. 267, F&A.M - Hackett, Arkansas USA
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Amity Lodge No. 340, A.F.M - Florence, South Carolina USA
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York USA
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Amity Lodge No. 473, A.F.&A.M. - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA
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Amity Lodge No. 559, F&A.M. - Lansing, Michigan USA
Amity Lodge No. 685, F&A.M. - Homestead, Pennsylvania USA
Amity Lodge No. 4148, A.F.&A.M. - Shipley, Yorkshire England
Amity Lodge No. 3845, A.F.&A.M. - Birmingham, England
Amity Lodge No. 3904, A.F.&A.M. - Liverpool, England
Lodges by the Name of Amity
By: Eddie Forkgen

When Westhoughton Lodge of Amity No 7782, was consecrated on 19 February 1962, it became  
the 23 lodge in Lane’s list of English constituted Masonic Lodges, to bear the name ‘Amity’ in it  
title. The Lodge’s ‘Warrant of Constitution’ was signed 10 months earlier, no doubt triggering  
frenzy of activity by the founders, who would have been very busy with the preparation for the  
Lodge’s Consecration. As we know Gilbert Peirce who is here today, and still a very active  
member of the Lodge, was the Lodge’s first initiate, Gilbert celebrates his 50th year in  
freemasonry next month - another mile stone to be celebrated.

The selection of a name for the lodge is one of the biggest decisions that the founders would  
have had to make. As 22 other lodges before them, had already chosen to go under the banner  
of ‘Amity’, it was a popular decision. The name ‘Amity’ is an excellent choice for a Masonic lodge,  
as it means peaceful harmony and friendship. So popular is this name ‘Amity’, that eight  
townships in America and one in Australia have chosen to go under the name of Amity and 35  
years ago there was even a fictional resort town called ‘Amity Island’ that become notorious for a  
flesh-eating ‘Great White shark’, which terrorised the bathers in the film - 'Jaws'. For those of us  
that like the occasional glass of ‘Pinot Noir’ there is even an Amity Vineyard in the US state of  

Our ritual tells us that Freemasonry is universally spread across the globe, it necessarily follows,  
that many others lodges’ under different constitutions, have also chosen to go under the name of  
Amity. The Westhoughton Lodge of Amity No 7782, finds its self in some excellent company.  
When I was trawling through several web-sites belonging to different ‘Amity Lodges’ around the  
world, I came across this interesting text: “The word ‘amity’, cannot better described the Masonic  
Lodge meeting, as a place of peace and harmony, which is a sacred retreat of friendship,  
brotherly love and virtue and a refuge for Masonic brother’s to gather on an equal footing and set  
aside any differences to labour for the good of each other, the community and all of mankind.”

When you take a look at the 23 English constituted lodges in Lane’s list, that bear the name  
‘Amity’, we find that they are sped far and wide, with lodges constituted in South Africa, Australia,  
India, Canada, Honduras, the Gold Coast, Barbados and even China. There have been four  
‘Amity’ Lodges in Lancashire and two other in Yorkshire, and the remainder were
scattered across England.

Seven of the Amity lodges were constituted in the 1700’s, the earliest of which was Amity Lodge  
No 295, in Northumberland, warranted almost 250 years ago. The oldest surviving lodge with the  
name of Amity met at the Lion and the Lamb Inn, in Poole and it is the oldest Masonic Lodge in  
Dorset. Poole’s ‘Lodge of Amity’ No 137 was constituted in 1765. However, the London ‘Lodge of  
Amity’ No 171 which is also still in existence, was constituted just 19 years after the
Poole lodge. I had just delivered a paper to Westhoughton Chapter, when I was asked if I would  
do a short paper for
‘Amity Lodge of Westhoughton’s 50th celebration, and I was delighted to accept.